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7. Interior Finishing and Painting
We install backsplashes, trim, plumbing fixtures, finish floors (if required), and finally – paint.

8. Fixtures, Appliances and Cleanup
In this final phase we touch-up finishes, install new appliances, lighting fixtures, and clean up all our materials and tools.

9. Enjoy your new space!

We've even been known to throw an open house for your new kitchen. 

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Kitchen & Bath Remodel -

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The exact process that each project goes through from beginning to end is always different, however, a general step-by-step guide for your remodel may look something like this:

1.  In Home Design Consultation
In our design consultation, we discuss your project and get a good understanding of what you are looking for in your remodel. We take photos, measurements and make design suggestions.  Then, we schedule a time for you to review your project and bid details.

2. Design and Bid Presentation
We begin work on designing your project right away, using our design software.  When it’s ready, we present the newly designed space and review all the design elements that are incorporated.  At this point, we can give you an accurate range of the cost of the project.

3. Pre-Remodel Permits and Plans
When the contract is signed, we can finalize the design and details and begin securing permits by submitting plans and paper work to the city and county. 

​4. Demolition – Removal of Debris
The demolition step consists of removing old appliances, cabinets, flooring, countertops and anything else that needs to go. From here, our pros can assess the condition of the floor, ceiling, walls, and decide if corrections need to be made.

5. Plumbing, Electrical, Floors and Drywall
If your remodel requires new light fixtures, plumbing, HVAC, or cable or speaker wires, it would be installed at this point. Once that is finished we can install drywall, insulation and flooring.

6. Installation of Cabinets and Countertops
Installation of your countertops and cabinets is next, meaning your new kitchen is really starting to take shape. This is an extremely important and meticulous step as everything needs to be laser-measured and leveled to insure it looks perfect.

More Brothers Construction Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel
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